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Wizna Gania Balqis


Correctional is an activity to provide guidance to Prisoners "based on the system, institutions and methods of coaching which are the final part of the criminal justice system in the criminal justice system. Correctional as a criminal goal in it contains the view that prisoners are not only "objects but also subjects that are not different from other humans who at any time can make mistakes or mistakes that can be subject to punishment, so they do not have to be eradicated. What must be eradicated are factors that can cause prisoners to do things that are contrary to law, morality, religion or other social obligations that can be subject to criminal penalties. This study uses a juridical-normative research method. One of the forms of fostering prisoners outside the Penitentiary, which has a conformity of goals and philosophy with the idea of correctional. As a form of fostering prisonerss outside the Penitentiary, parole can be seen as a correctional subsystem, and because of that it will contribute positively to the achievement of correctional goals, namely educating and guiding prisoners so that they can return to life as responsible citizens both for themselves, their families and public.

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